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You Found Me

September 29, 2014

The Song “You Found me” by The Fray, holds the “mirror up to life” in a meaningful way. The song is about the disappointments and let downs that come with life. People search for trust throughout their whole lives, inevitably somewhere down the road trust will be broken whether or not it will be restored is another matter. Trust is important because it gives people someone to rely on and help them out through thick and thin. The song asks a lot “Where were you?,” where was your friend or family member when you needed them most. The song questions friendship, trust, and makes you consider who you can count on.

This song really holds the “mirror up to life” because its something that everyone can relate to. Somewhere along the line we have all been let down. Some say the song might be about suicide and the person wondering where his friends were when he needed them most. Regardless each of us are able to reflect about our past from this song. It brings into question our friendships, and our lives in general. The main question it forces us to ask ourselves is will you help or ignore someone when they are having trouble in life? “Where were you? When everything was falling apart.”


Art Holding Mirror to Life

September 29, 2014

Song: “Don’t Blink- Kenny Chesney –

The song “Don’t Blink” is a song by country singer Kenny Chesney. In this song, Kenny sings about how everyone gets older without realizing it. He makes people realize that they always regret things they didn’t do, and don’t live their lives to the fullest every chance they get. Kenny talks about how he was watching the news one day and saw a man who was turning one-hundred and two years old. It makes him realize that he is always rushed in his everyday life, and to stop and enjoy the little things in life. He realizes when listening to the old man that he needs to put the truly important things in his life first before the things that he thinks are important. This makes people reflect on how they should live their everyday lives.

People always seem to be rushed in their everyday life and forget the little things. Today, people are always so caught up in their lives, they forget about the little things. One of the messages in this song is that everyone should give love to others because making others feel better about themselves ultimately makes you feel better about yourself. The line “When your hour glass runs out of sand, you can’t flip it over and start again,” shows people that they only get one shot at life, and that they need to take advantage of all opportunities that they get. Because people are so caught up in living the fast life, it is often forgotten that “slowing things down and taking it easy” is one of the best feelings. Small things like respecting your parents and giving just a little bit of love to people can make the difference in a person’s life. The song can relate to almost anyone. It can be seen as a reminder to do a little good every day, and take in everything that amazes you. It is true that “100 years goes faster than you think,” so life should be cherished every moment of every day because you can’t take anything back. Live life to the fullest and “don’t blink.”




September 29, 2014

“Chances”, a song written by the band Five for Fighting, was a popular song about five or so years back. “Chances” talks of the many chances we have in our lives each and every day. The song talks of how chances will be in your life at one point that be gone before you know it. The song primarily speaks as if this chance involves a loved one but I also feel that it talks of taking chances and running with them.

“Chances” I feel like is an awesome example of something that holds the mirror up to life because each day we are faced with chances. Whether it be something big or small a chance can impact your life in extremely positive ways. That one chance could be you meeting that certain someone or the chance to participate on a team. You never know how that one chance could be a pathway to the next. William Hardy, who we heard earlier this year, is a great example of how that one chance help shaped his future. He had the chance and opportunity to meet with the elderly couple who then gave him the chance to move boxes for them which would ultimately lead to the chance for a spot with the Spurs. Chances, Chances, Chances. They are wonderful reminders that each day you have the chance to do what you wanna do and have the opportunity you may not get any other time.

Saturday Night Live

September 29, 2014

Since its first episode in 1975, Saturday Night Live has been one of the most consistent and popular shows on television.  While the show certainly has its share of funny skits and scenes, SNL does an excellent job of “holding the mirror up to society” through its satirical portrayals of current events and political proceedings.  By having cast members imitate legitimate (for the most part) social and political figures, Saturday Night Live is able to avoid dancing around the issue and instead approach it head on.

Each week that the show airs, there is a segment in the middle of the episode called the “Weekend Update” that covers all of the interesting, funny, or humiliating news of the week.  This section does an excellent job of holding the mirror to society because it takes actual events exposes the ridiculousness behind each one.  For the most part, the Weekend Update host will deliver quick and witty one liners about each topic, but occasionally other characters will be brought on as “guests” to the news program for longer segments.  While often hysterical, the Weekend Update, as well as Saturday Night Live as a whole, does an excellent job of satirizing well known and current events and thus holding the mirror to our society.

“FreeWill” by Rush

September 29, 2014

The song “Freewill” was written by the band Rush and published in 1980. This song talks about a choice that people have, you can chose fear or kindness, but he, the singer, will chose freewill. The line goes as :You can choose from phantom fears and kindness that can kill-I will choose a path that’s clear-I will choose freewill.

This Song for me speaks of the choices that all people have, and even though some do not think they have a choice, but all people do have a choice. My favorite line is “If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice”, this line for me means a lot because it says that even if you don’t make a decision you have chosen a path, not choosing to stand up for someone, is the same as choosing the side of the oppressor.  The next stanza speaks of those who think they have the odds stacked against them, but that is still a choice not to try for anything. I think this song is a good reflection to mankind because it shows that all people have a choice in all that they do, and that the choices you make dictate your future.

Icarus’ Mirror

September 29, 2014

Landscape with the Fall of Icarus is an oil painting by Pieter Bruegel depicting the scene in Greece when Icarus fell from the sky. While Icarus falls, terrified, the other people in the painting go about their day: the farmer continues plowing, the sheperd daydreams and the trader sails on in his ship, all while Icarus drowns just offshore.

I think that Landscape holds the mirror up to life because it emphasizes the fact that humans are generally indifferent to each other’s suffering. While there are some people who dedicate their life to helping others, most people are like the farmer or the merchant, so long as the misfortune does not befall them, they simply ignore it and go about their day. After all, the misfortune of others is simply business as usual.

“Holding a Mirror Up to Life”

September 29, 2014

The song “You’ve got a Friend” by James Taylor came out in the 1960s. The singer seems to be talking to a certain person and to everyone listening to take in the message of the song. The song says that when that “person” is depressed that he or she has always got a friend to confide in. That friend will always be there for whoever it is in order to make their day better. That person just needs to call out and their friend will come no matter the circumstances. The singer talks about how people can be so cruel and says:

                                           “Hey ain’t it good to know that, you’ve got a friend? People can be so cold.

They’ll hurt you and desert you. Well, they’ll take your soul if you let them,

oh yeah, but don’t you let them.”

This work of art holds a mirror up to society in a successful manner today because people, especially teenagers, sometimes believe that they have no friends at all when they experience a depressing period in their life. People say, “I have no friends” but this song portrays that that statement is not true and will never be the case. James Taylor seems to emphasize that all people should know that they have someone to always count on no matter where they are. Therefore, this song tells society that everyone has a friend and that they should never believe they do not because that is not reality. Taylor does a good job in showing society that there is no reason to accept you do not have friends. People of all ages sometimes lose themselves when they believe there is no one to vent to, but in reality, there is always that one friend that appears when you least expect it. This reassurance from the song shows society that all people have that one friend that can easily boost their self-confidence. Even though some people can be cruel and hurtful, there are still other people out there that you can rely on.

Game of Thrones

September 28, 2014

Game of Thrones is a popular TV show that airs on HBO. The show manages to mesh a medieval world of knights and nobles with mythological creatures, like zombies and dragons. The show offers a little bit of everything, be it fascinating political story lines, epic battles, or strange magical figures. Game of Thrones is possibly the most brutal show I have watched, no character is safe. The show makes absolutely no distinctions between good, bad, young, or old when it comes to who lives and dies. There are some incredibly evil people in the show, but there are also some magnificent ones as well.

Game of Thrones holds the mirror up to society by showing that their are good people and bad people, no matter how wealthy or important they are. There will be awesome people who are poverty stricken, wealthy people who are as evil as they come, and everything in between. There are people who look like they would kill you in your sleep, but are actually the kind of people that will help you when you need help most. There is no rhyme or reason to it. Game of Thrones shows that we can not put people into these nicely organized groups and stereotypes, every single person is different.


September 28, 2014

The movie “Superbad” focuses on a few days in the lives of soon to be high school graduates Seth and Evan. All Seth and Evan want to do is have the craziest time possible before they graduate high school so that they will be prepared to have a great time in college. Seth and Evan go through a lot of strange events and do a lot of stupid things in their quest to improve their social standing and get ready for college. By the end of the movie, however, the two realize that all that really matters to each other is their own friendship.

“Superbad” does a hilarious job of ‘holding the mirror’ up to young men everywhere. It shows a lot of the down right stupid things that many young men will do in order to do things like have a good time or impress their friends. The exploits of Seth and Evan can reflect the thoughts and actions of guys their age everywhere, but the two’s eventual realization gives some commentary on the movie’s side, that these young men everywhere do not understand quite yet some of the truly important parts of life, like the bonds that are formed between true friends.

The Road: Cormac McCarthy

September 28, 2014

The Road is a novel by Cormac McCarthy that is about post apocalyptic America. The novel focuses on a man and his son trying to survive the world they live  in. During the novel the boy and the man make their way down south on the road trying to avoid other dangerous people and trying to find the food they need in order to survive. This novel holds the mirror up to life because it focuses on the importance of life.

In The Road, Cormac McCarthy is very successful in showing the importance of life. He does this by showing how enjoyable the small the small things are in life. Throughout the novel the boy constantly asks what’s the point of living, because they are going through life just trying to survive, but when the man and the boy find food or have a meaningful conversation they realize that the small things are the reason why they are continuing their fight for survival. Cormac McCarthy holds the mirror up to life by saying to enjoy the small things in life in his novel The Road.