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Art Holding Mirror to Life

September 29, 2014

Song: “Don’t Blink- Kenny Chesney –

The song “Don’t Blink” is a song by country singer Kenny Chesney. In this song, Kenny sings about how everyone gets older without realizing it. He makes people realize that they always regret things they didn’t do, and don’t live their lives to the fullest every chance they get. Kenny talks about how he was watching the news one day and saw a man who was turning one-hundred and two years old. It makes him realize that he is always rushed in his everyday life, and to stop and enjoy the little things in life. He realizes when listening to the old man that he needs to put the truly important things in his life first before the things that he thinks are important. This makes people reflect on how they should live their everyday lives.

People always seem to be rushed in their everyday life and forget the little things. Today, people are always so caught up in their lives, they forget about the little things. One of the messages in this song is that everyone should give love to others because making others feel better about themselves ultimately makes you feel better about yourself. The line “When your hour glass runs out of sand, you can’t flip it over and start again,” shows people that they only get one shot at life, and that they need to take advantage of all opportunities that they get. Because people are so caught up in living the fast life, it is often forgotten that “slowing things down and taking it easy” is one of the best feelings. Small things like respecting your parents and giving just a little bit of love to people can make the difference in a person’s life. The song can relate to almost anyone. It can be seen as a reminder to do a little good every day, and take in everything that amazes you. It is true that “100 years goes faster than you think,” so life should be cherished every moment of every day because you can’t take anything back. Live life to the fullest and “don’t blink.”